What is Local Map Solutions?

Think of your Local Map Solutions listing as your Business Facebook page, the only difference is that it is on the Google platform thus making it more significant when it comes to ranking in local search results.

More than that, Google now lets searchers ext their business just with one click through Local Map Solutions by using only their mobile native text messaging system and you will get them just like any other text on your mobile.

We created a  slider and a video for showing you that once Local Map Solutions is optimized on your phone then how will it look. The video goes page by page through a live listing that is optimized by us.

You can get a  better feel for every tab simply by checking the slider where you can see at your own pace. Can you now observe that why it is important to fully populate and optimize your Local Map Solutions?

We have worked on several accounts for businesses that are already completely optimized according to them but when our professionals took a lot of glaring errors were found. Those errors must definitely be holding back each listing from being shown as much time as they should.

Use your small business owner and entrepreneur abilities for enabling us to do this service properly for business.  We also offer a complete collection o website, SEO as well as other services.

If you want to know how your Business will look like on the computer then here is an example-

Now you might be thinking what are you looking at below. Well as we cover on the Intro To Google page on our website, the Local Pack which is also known as ‘Map Pack’ or ‘Snack Pack’  is positioned exactly below any paid listings in the results and is exactly above the regular organic, typically all text organic listings. The information that you provide in Local Map Solutions is used by Google for determining if and when to how your business there.

Another important thing to keep in mind is that a thoroughly optimized and fully populated Local map Solutions is what will put your business on the map. More than that its the most popular map in the world: Google Maps!

So…What’s the big deal?
If you get found here, people could contact you without going to your website. In fact, you don’t even need a website to claim and take advantage of your Google My Business profile.